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Microsoft Dynamics AX

With a focus on efficiency, reliability and on-going support, Fortek can handle any Dynamics AX project. If you need a full life-cycle implementation, upgrade, or even minor modifications, we are your premier choice. We have the unique ability to immediately assess your needs, and translate them into business requirements. Whether you need ad-hoc development services, functional implementation consultants or testing specialists, we have you covered. For every client, we extend the horizontal ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX to improve performance within the organization.

Pervasive Interoperability

With a focus on “pervasive interoperability” – the natural interaction of ERP systems with Microsoft business productivity applications and IT infrastructure technology – Dynamics AX will sharpen your competitive edge and empower your people to anticipate and embrace change.
Our skills, resources, experience & management provide a valuable combination to ensure successful and cost-effective integration on an enterprise-wide scale.

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