Our Staff - Fortek


Ravi Shankar | Founder, CEO & President

Ravi Shankar, the visionary CEO and President of Fourth Technologies has been at the helm of this privately held IT Solutions and Staffing company since its inception in 1997. Entrusted with setting the strategic direction for the company, Ravi has leveraged his extensive experience of over 25 years in business development, sales, recruiting, consulting, and product development to steer the company toward success. He is also the SalesForce Practice head of the organization.

As a seasoned entrepreneur in the IT industry for 20 years, Ravi has a proven track record of innovation. He has founded several startups aimed at creating cutting-edge software products and services. These include Power-Ed and Funda for eLearning, Doklet for cloud-based document collaboration, IndiaBlogo for video and blog sharing, and ShaktiBheem services for data acquisition in commercial bridge testing, Eagle Search, EzVal for Pharma validation.

Ravi’s exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial skills have been recognized with the prestigious NRCC NJ Businessman of the Year award in 2001 and 2003. Armed with a Master’s degree in Engineering and is also a Certified SalesForce Business Analyst, Ravi continues to be the guiding force of the company, leading it with his visionary approach.

Girish (Gary) Nair | Sr. Vice President

Gary Nair, the Senior Vice President at Fourth Technologies, is the driving force behind the company’s strategic business initiatives and transformation programs. With a wealth of experience in leading cross-functional teams, managing programs and projects, and steering agile/scrum teams, Gary has made a significant impact in the realm of cybersecurity and account management.

His instrumental role in delivering customer success spans across various practice domains, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to excellence. Gary’s educational background includes an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree, further complemented by a host of prestigious certifications. These include Project Management (PMP), Cybersecurity (Security+, Cyber Leader, ISC2 CC), Scrum (SASM, CSM), Blockchain (CBE), AWS Cloud, Generative AI, and 6Sigma Green Belt.

Gary’s multifaceted expertise and dedication to continuous learning underscore his leadership at Fourth Technologies, making him a vital asset to the company and the industry at large. 

Ramby Govind | VP Operations

Ramby Govind, the Vice President of Operations at Fourth Technologies, is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of global experience. He is responsible for a broad spectrum of operations, including administration, P&L, purchasing, mergers and acquisitions, policy, and communications.

Ramby’s diverse expertise spans sales, accounts, operations, administration, planning, banking, negotiations, strategic partnerships, relationship management, purchasing, production planning, and inventory control. His experience extends across various geographic regions and industry spectrums, making him a versatile leader.

Before joining Fourth Technologies, Ramby made significant contributions to various global corporations, including Britannia (Nabisco), Borosil (glassware), and Netcomm. Since joining Fourth Technologies, Ramby has been an integral part of the team. He has played a pivotal role in the inception and planning of various successful business projects, driving the company’s growth and success.

Ramby holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, equipping him with a solid foundation in process optimization and systems thinking. His academic background, coupled with his extensive professional experience, makes him a valuable asset to Fourth Technologies and the industry at large. 

Mike Samy | Executive Vice President - PMO Projects

Mike Samy, the Executive Vice President at Fourth Technologies, specializes in PMO Projects and brings to the table over 25 years of diverse management experience. His expertise spans project and program management, business development, sales and marketing, strategy formulation and implementation, P&L operations, and consulting.

As the leader of the PMO division, Mike oversees a portfolio of strategic projects. These include IT infrastructure upgrades, process optimization initiatives, and organizational change management efforts, reflecting his comprehensive approach to business transformation.

A seasoned IT management professional, Mike excels in resource management, sales, operations, and technology consulting. His extensive experience in AI, SAAS, cloud computing, web and e-commerce applications, databases, and technical management of software projects is a testament to his adaptability and forward-thinking approach. His track record includes successful on-site/offshore operations with industry leaders such as Oracle and Merck.

Mike has been instrumental in the startup of several business projects for Fourth Technologies, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit. His continued efforts drive the company’s overall growth and success.

Holding both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Mike combines academic knowledge with practical experience, making him a key asset to the company and the industry at large.

Naveen Tyagi | VP-Client Services and Solutions

Naveen Tyagi, the Vice President of Client Services and Solution Sales at Fourth Technologies, is at the forefront of account management and client relationships. With 14 years of rich experience in the field of information technology solutions and services outsourcing, Naveen has honed his skills in service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, project staffing, technology consulting, business development, sales, and operations.

Before assuming his current role, Naveen made significant contributions as a Technical Project Manager, implementing various IT development projects. His hands-on experience in project management complements his leadership role, enabling him to understand and address the challenges faced by his team.

Naveen’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Science and multiple Master’s degrees in Chemistry and Statistics with Computer Science. This diverse educational background equips him with a unique blend of technical and analytical skills, making him a valuable asset to Fourth Technologies.

Ram (Ron) Katta | Director of Sales and Recruitment 

Ron Katta, the dynamic Director of Sales and Recruitment at Fourth Technologies, Inc., brings 14 years of rich experience in the Information Technology Consulting Services industry. With a consistent record of driving revenue growth and boosting profits, Ron has established himself as a leader in the field.

His mission is to deliver unparalleled service value to clients and candidates alike, fostering a culture that values collaboration, innovation, and excellence. His passion lies in building enduring relationships through strategic partnerships, with a focus on solving complex business challenges.

Ron holds a Master’s degree in Business and Arts, equipping him with a unique blend of creative and strategic thinking. His educational background, coupled with his industry experience, makes him a formidable force in the IT staffing and consulting landscape.