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Case Studies by Client | IT Solutions

4tek partners with clients to provide business and technology consulting, custom application development, data management and migration, ERP implementation and customization, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), network architecture planning, data and voice networks, process consulting, systems integration and product development services.

Client: Drexel University

Overview: Drexel University Safety & Health Process Automation

Project Description: Fourth Technologies was engaged in the design, development and implementation of the Wireless Lab Inspection software for the S&H staff to perform laboratory inspections anywhere on campus without the need to manually process and disseminate reports to the responsible parties managing each lab. The software creates detailed reports for each lab immediately preceding the inspection. Each report is intelligently routed to the corresponding lab administrator with details on required corrective procedures and due dates. The solution includes a training module for the University staff to complete self-paced lab safety training. The built-in business continuity module keeps reporting about emergency procedure practices at the fingertips of on-campus emergency call centers and allows call center staff to manage emergency incidents by quickly reviewing emergency business continuity procedures for any given location throughout the University and its affiliate locations.

Client: Drexel University

Overview: Chemical Inventory & Purchase Management System

Project Description: Fourth Technologies was engaged in the design, development and implementation for the b2b marketplace that shares data among the chemical manufacturers’ and the University’s lab personnel. This platform allows the transfer of catalog and purchase info through XML and web services. The users of this system will select the option to purchase products/chemicals from manufactures like Sigma Aldrich and Fisher Scientific. The system will use Ariba PunchOut to browse the catalogs of the manufacturers. Every purchase is documented in the system. The system will have complete information about the list of chemicals available in any lab/location at any point of time. Through this platform the department of S&H can manage and track all hazardous chemicals throughout the University.

Client: SEI Investments

Overview: Work-force Automation for Human Resources

Project Description: Fourth Technologies was engaged in the design and development of an enterprise wide platform to manage and support work-force automation functions including work flow, new hires, temporary consultants, employee transfers, and employee/consultant terminations. The solution offered automates - Internal and external job posting on intranet and extranets, work flow and approval from different business process owner and allows them to digitally sign on the dynamically generated PDF documents. The induction procedures, termination, other status changes and annual/semi annual appraisals are automatically tracked. Managers & team members can use this portal for creating and tracking of goals and . This module creates several reports for process improvements.

Client: SEI Investments

Overview: Investor Profiler and Wealth Management

Project Description: Fourth Technologies was engaged in the design and development of the IPWM System for the investment advisors and investors of SEI Investments. The internet profiler needs advisors to enter information to identify the goals, risk tolerance, priorities etc of the investor and based on the scoring of the investor and the investment amount, the profiler engine will generate proposals and reports, which will contain investment recommendations specific to the investor in PowerPoint and PDF formats. The advisor’s dashboard will have information about his prospective clients, current clients, tasks, today’s jobs etc and a detailed reporting module is provided for each section.