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Fortek is a Platinum Partner of Kyriba Inc., a market leader in Cloud based Treasury Management Systems. Fortek's Kyriba TMS practice consultants are involved in all aspects of Kyriba including Pre-Sales, Sales, Implementation, Training and Support.

Kyriba Treasury Management Systems helps companies manage their Cash, Investments, Debts, Payments and Banking relationships in a secure multi-tenant architecture. Every company or business needs to have information in a timely manner on their finger tips to run their business efficiently.

If you are still getting your bank cash balance information and overall cash position from Excel spreadsheets your business will greatly benefit from moving to a robust, secure, integrated TMS platform. You can also greatly reduce the risk of fraud by processing your payments through Kyriba's payment factory.

We perform a Complementary, free Return on Investment Analysis for select companies that meet our criterion.

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Strategic AX Services

Empowering organizations to compete globally
Our approach is simple: we meet with the client to understand their business and technical challenges. We then develop a plan to solve their problems; identify appropriate resources and successfully execute on the plan. All along we ensure that the plan supports the client's goals and expectations. Team Fortek then makes all the necessary adjustments to exceed these expectations.
Successful organizations need the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help employees work more productively, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure that they make the most of their assets and resources. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides these capabilities to smaller organizations with a few employees to businesses with thousands of employees and locations spanning the globe

Fortek’s solutions approach includes creation of a dedicated organization focused on integrating and managing the diverse components to plan and run high-performance organization. Forte has people with deep industry skills, experience and knowledge in providing custom solutions process, strategies and technologies.

Designed to Fit Seamlessly with Existing IT Systems
Use an ERP solution that inherently integrates and extends the value of products and technologies in which you've already invested, such as Windows, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office and even SharePoint Server

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