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What is Fortek's competitive edge?

Answer: Fortek's competitive edge lies in its principle asset, the people we employ, their collective experiences, unparalleled expertise and contagious enthusiasm behind each client engagement!

What do you attribute to Fortek's long track record of success?

Answer: Again, our people have had an undeniable impact on our past and anticipated future success and are the reason why we have enjoyed a long track record of success. We have also gained many invaluable lessons from executing over 2000 client engagements over the last two decades. We have in my observation, demonstrated lasting versatility by incorporating a variety of delivery models to meet our unique client's needs.

What is your future vision for Fortek?

Fortek needs to continue to build its brand, market share and fully leverage its near 25 year history. Our company has a compelling story and it has to be told and heard by clients and consultants alike. Fortek ultimately needs to segment its marketing efforts by industry and technology vertical and where it can replicate its successes with maximum top line and bottom line management and lastly, capture market share with minimum up-front investment. The company's core infrastructure needs to be strengthened and diversified to achieve the next rung of success. We are close, but not quite there yet! Fortek also needs to increase its Federal sector business by incorporating a more systematic approach to responding to proposal opportunities and by improving on its market intelligence, turnaround time and cost per proposal.

Why do companies seek to hire Fortek?

Answer: Simply put, Fortek delivers the consistent value and expertise that our customers demand and deserve. Our clients hire us because of our long and successful track record of refining their hiring and retention processes, setting achievable goals and expectations and lastly delivering on business targets that ultimately transcend our client's businesses to be more profitable and agile.

How does Fortek consistently attract the Industry top talent?

Answer: Our consultants tell us that they enjoy our trademark professionalism and our atmosphere for learning new skills. We invest heavily in developing our consultants to become Industry leaders and at the end of the day "word travels"! Our recruiters stay abreast of Industry changes, the latest technologies, Legal, Immigration and Federal regulations and our consultants gain the benefit of our expanded knowledge and due diligence. We encourage our employees and consultants to stay ahead of the "technology curve", whether it is to become more efficient through advanced technology or education, advancing their programming skills and gaining desirable certifications. We offer continued training and resources for our consultants because we believe "You cannot stand still in the IT consulting business and must commit to learning something new every day"!

How does Fortek view the current marketplace and its competition?

Answer: The landscape is ever changing and there is always competition. In fact, we would be wary of entering a field without any competition for we would have to trail blaze and incur significant outlay of to understand what the industry needs. Thankfully, we can and have learned from our competition's mistakes and leverage our own unique opportunities and service brand through established business outlets. There are always new buzzwords – Today it is the cloud computing, yesterday it was SOA and wireless APPS, the industry moves fast but in a predictable way. Our business model is committed to addressing and harnessing the new technology and creating market opportunity.

What advice do you have for candidates to become more marketable?

Answer: Each person has his unique disposition, inclination and career needs. After reviewing and analyzing the "plethora of choices" available in the marketplace, find an area that you are comfortable with and will satisfy your career needs. Consider that key skill areas change every 3 to 5 years. Utilize job boards like Dice, Monster and CareerBuilder to spot changes in hiring patterns, compensation and industry demand. Be realistic, If your phone is not ringing, then maybe you need to "change up" your resume or your chosen field! ERP packages like SAP, Oracle Financials and MS Dynamics AX are generally suited for consultants who have prior experience with Business, Financial and Accounting systems. It is more difficult to get your first project in these areas but the compensation is generally higher and may involve travel. Be prepared to be flexible and mobile! It is important to pick a winner but equally difficult to pick one area of focus or specialty… It is a safe career play to develop SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, MVC, Crystal Reports Java/J2EE/SOA application programming skills. There is high demand for Java/J2EE programmers. Be familiar with the programming tools and consider Middleware, GUIs, App servers and frameworks that consistently align with this space. Consider, it is more important to master a skill than to have multiple skills half developed. Think about it, "How many skills can one person learn or master"?

Some lasting advice, focus on Mastering the SQL command, database extraction, translation and loading. Tools like Cognos and Datastage are fairly easy to master. There is plenty of opportunity in the entry level space for BI programmers although the pay is moderate. Advanced Data Warehousing consultants are highly paid and jobs are easily available. That said, picking the right Data Warehousing tool is important. Business Analyst / Quality Analyst: Best option for entry level positions for job candidates not inclined to do "hard core" programming. Advanced QA Analysts and Business Analysts with deep functional experience in Financial, Insurance, Banking and Pharma enjoy a premium deamnd. It is also important to get a competitive edge by mastering QTP, Rational Rose, RUP and Loadrunner. Consider, Mainframe, DB2 CICS, COBOL, RPG, ASSEMBLER programming but be aware that It takes a few years to master these subjects. Unfortunately most of the Mainframe projects have been off-shored to India and the Phillipines to companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, Mahendra, Patni among others. There is little development on these specific technologies. Note, there are approximately nine jobs overseas for each job in the U.S.

How can Fortek help candidates gain more visibility and higher paying work?

Answer: Our Clients and primary vendors regularly interact with our marketing teams to source our people. Over the years, clients trust our judgment, our technical screening and interview processes. We are committed to helping our consultants realize greater pay rewards by investing in resources that improve marketing our candidates and ultimately reducing the time to market. Higher candidate pay results from better positioning, training and retooling. It also comes from persistency and follow through with client engagement opportunities. Our job is to match the opportunity to the qualified consultant ahead of our competition and at a pay rate that exceeds our consultant's expectations.

What is your vision for Fortek to continue to grow and leverage its 25 year history?

Fortek needs to continue to build its brand, market share and leverage its near 25 year history. Its compelling story has to be told and heard by its customer base. Fortek ultimately needs to segment it's marketing efforts by industry and technology vertical and where it can replicate its successes with maximum top line and bottom line revenue, capture market share with minimum up-front investment. The company's core infrastructure needs to be strengthened and diversified to achieve the next rung of success. We are close, but not quite there yet. Fortek needs to increase its Federal sector business by a more systematic approach to responding to proposal opportunities and by improving on its market intelligence, turnaround time and cost per proposal.

Employee Referral Program

4Tek's existing employees refer some of our new hires. 4Tek pays a $500 referral fee to employees that refer new employees that complete 90 days of service.

At 4Tek we believe the retention of IT professionals in this highly competitive market requires an equally competitive compensation package. Hence we have an excellent salary package that includes bonus potential and employee contributions are valued and rewarded.

Benefits Package Includes:

Health and Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
401(k) Retirement Plan


If you are a computer professional, there may be an exciting career waiting for you.

Fourth Technologies, Inc. is contributing in how the world of e-business is being conducted, and we would like you to be a part of it. Our software professionals look forward to coming to work every day because of the value they feel knowing their skills are being amply rewarded.

We have been successful by providing a challenging work environment that provides for constant professional growth. We provide both on-the-job and off-the-job training. Our consultants are our strength. We treat each of our Software Professionals as a valued individual and member of our team.

If you would like to apply for a job at Fourth Tek, please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fourth Technologies, Inc. has experience in procuring and implementing various information technology services. We utilize the best methods and practices available to ensure success. Our specialties include but are not limited to the following.


Middleware serves as the tool that binds together isolated software programs to enable different applications to communicate thereby creating a seamless flow of information that can help improve business performance. Companies today rely on middleware as a key component of their Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy.

Our middleware practice enables clients to integrate data and business processes - improving access to information across multiple sources and systems.

Our software team is experienced in a wide range of middleware tools, programs and processes, including EAI, Web Services, PCM, servers and e-mobility tools. We also provide middleware administration servcies in BEA Weblogic and Websphere MQ.


Fourths Microsoft practice brings together people, processes and our proven project management methodology to deliver valuable solutions for your business.

Our software team offers strong industry knowledge and advanced expertise in .NET technologies, tools and servers, delivering high-performance products and a custom-fit experience.

Our dedication to service excellence and superior customer experience sets us apart. We adapt to your processes, with a nimble, flexible approach focused on providing optimal solutions for your situation.

Business Intelligence

Utilizing the proper software applications and tools Fourth Technologies can streamline your business intelligence procedures.

Our expertise in integrating the most efficient tool set into your enterprise can greatly assist in mining data across various platforms to performing deep analysis of the data. Our proven methods help to identify sales trends, goals, inventory and warehousing issues, procurement and shipping opportunities just for starters.

Business intelligence when performed efficiently and on point can be a great asset to your company's daily operations.

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